The ‘Transformacija’ event raised over half a million dinars for General Hospital in Kraljevo

The humanitarian stand-up motivational seminar “TransformaciJA,” organized by Ana Dornik, an NLP master, humanist, and motivator, attracted a large number of visitors. Besides being a platform for sharing inspiring stories about mental transformation, this event also had a significant humanitarian impact. Thanks to the great dedication and support of the participants and the audience, an amount of over 550,000 dinars was successfully raised. These funds are intended for equipping the Oncology Department with chemotherapy at the General Hospital “Studenica” in Kraljevo, making a significant contribution to the fight against breast cancer.

Ana Dornik, who herself has gone through a tough battle with invasive, aggressive breast cancer, told her inspirational story through a holographic display, demonstrating the power of transformation, exceptional courage, and a zest for life. Her story, along with the experiences and knowledge of other prominent speakers and motivators, including Tatjana Vojtehovski, Žarko Ilić, Stefan Radović, Ivana Branković, Ivan Mileusnić, and Aleksa Broćić, enriched the evening and sent a powerful message about the importance of mental transformation. Adding to the uniqueness of this event was a surprise guest, Srđan Bogićević, a neuro researcher and founder of the NeoUm platform.

“This evening was for everyone willing to take a step towards their new self. We realized that changes don’t require anything grandiose. We shouldn’t have expectations or attach importance to societal expectations; the path we should take is what matters to us. We’re ready to invest in our body alone, and that’s just a mask – we need to address our emotions and spiritual state as well,” said Ana Dornik.

As one of the founders of the association “Woman Beside Woman” and the author of the book “You Are That,” Ana Dornik continued her mission of providing support and inspiration to individuals battling breast cancer, as well as promoting prevention.

The “Transformation” event has set new standards when it comes to combining humanity, education, and motivation, demonstrating how personal stories and collective efforts can have a transformative effect on individuals and the community.

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