The first „APA Academy” held in Kragujevac

Draft beer as a synonym for quality and enjoyment

Beer lovers mostly emphasize quality and freshness as criteria for choosing the favourite beer, and exactly these are the main characteristics to be preserved in each glass of beer. Only properly poured beer offers fullness of the flavour, unique aroma and smell, perfect serving temperature, foam of ideal and stabile density, and of course, seamlessly attractive glass of beer which is a pleasure for all senses, and meets requirements of even the most demanding consumers.


This is exactly why Apatin Brewery organized „APA Academy“, to draw attention of bartenders in over 300 cafes to importance of proper pouring and serving of beer.

Here are a few tips for bartenders related to proper pouring of beer, but also for those who like to watch the pouring process while sitting with their friends at the bar in the favourite café:

• It is important to use clean, well-chilled glass which should be held for handle while pouring in order to keep it from heat of hands
• To avoid losing beer flavour and aroma, don’t pour the first splash from a tap directly in glass since it was in contact with air
Beer is properly poured at a 45 degree angle to make perfect ratio between the foam and liquid
The beer head should be two-finger thick, neither more nor less.


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