Premiere of the digitally restored film “Some Other Woman”

The film screening of “Some Other Woman”, by Miomir Miki Stamenković, digitally restored as part of the A1 Kinoteka project, was held last night in the centre of Belgrade on the roof terrace of Dom Vojske Srbije, as part of A1 Kinoteka summer cinema, in the presence of a large Belgrade audience and well-known names in domestic cinematography.

“Some Other Woman” is a domestic thriller produced by Centar Film and filmed in 1981. It is remembered for its exceptional cast, as well as its crime plot written by the well-known screenwriters Dragan Marković and Dušan Perković. This dramatic play is focused on the murder of an eminent Belgrade doctor under unusual circumstances, a young lover, and the return of his wife to the country. The main roles are played by Dragan Nikolić, Merima Isaković, Ljubiša Samardžić, Petar Kralj, Dušica Žegarac, as well as Svetlana Ceca Bojković, a legendary actress who on this occasion greeted the audience together with her colleague Ivica Klemenac.

Merima Isaković, the actress who played an exceptional role in this film, addressed the audience via video message. She stated that she “was pleased that the film was digitally restored because this will improve the quality and the film will be longer available to the audience.” Merima Isaković recalled how she prepared for the role and how working and talking with drug addicts at that time helped her to better understand Jelena, the character she played. At the end, she greeted everyone present, and especially referred to those who are “no longer with us”.

“This is the 25th film that has been digitally restored as part of the A1 Kinoteka project. As a teenager, I watched this unusual film for the career of director Miki Stamenković, but also for our cinematography at the time, 3 times in a cinema not far from here. It is my pleasure that together with all of you, I’ll watch this film again tonight in the same quality of image and tone as it was then – 40 years ago,” said Jugoslav Pantelić, director of Jugoslovenska kinoteka and added: “in addition to the exceptional roles, I would again highlight the contribution of author Zoran Simjanović. I had the privilege of telling Simke on more than one occasion that the score for “Some Other Woman” is one of the best-composed film scores of his career. He once said to me – I listened to the music from Some Other Woman last night. You know, you’re right about it.”

“The digital restoration of the 25th film gives me the impression that we have reached a small jubilee on our joint mission to merge history with the future, cultural heritage with digitalization.” Cult scenes and sentences that marked an era will remain preserved for the generations to come and experience it, perhaps in this very place. It’s great that we live in times where with the use of technology we can make the great stories and characters from the 80’s and earlier eras timeless,” said Blaž Ferenc, Corporate Communication Director A1 Serbia and A1 Slovenia.

Until the end of August, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy cult domestic films that have been digitally restored as part of the A1 Kinoteka project – “Marathoners run the lap of honour”, “Summer is to blame for everything” and “National Class”, as well as other achievements of foreign cinematography which are in the repertoire of the A1 Kinoteka summer cinema, a program realized in cooperation with Jugoslovenska kinoteka, A1 Serbia and Dom vojske Srbije.

Free tickets for digitally restored domestic films, which are shown as part of the A1 Kinoteka project can be collected on the day of the screening between 8-9 pm at the entrance of Dom vojske Srbije. For other films, tickets are sold in advance at Jugoslovenska kinoteka, in Uzun Mirkova Street, or on the day of the screening, at the entrance of Dom vojske Srbije, between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., at a price of 300 dinars. A1 Kinoteka summer cinema complete program is available on the Kinoteka website.

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