Pets at work: Mars company celebrates “Take Your Dog To Work” day

Four tips for establishing a pet-friendly workplace

As a leading pet food manufacturer, Mars has been building a pet-friendly work environment for years and raising awareness about the health of pets and their owners. It is well known that the presence of pets improves the well-being and productivity of employees, making the work atmosphere healthier and happier. To mark “Take Your Dog To Work” day, Mars shares its experiences and tips to support a pet-friendly culture.

To encourage and inspire other companies to adopt this practice, Mars shares tips from its long-standing experience this year:

Discover the Benefits

Spending time with pets offers many advantages that can help employees overcome the challenges of a busy workday. Reducing stress, improving mood, and creating a positive company reputation are essential benefits of having pets in the workplace. Pets help build friendly relationships and motivate employees to spend their breaks playing with or caring for their pets. Dedicate time during the workday solely for pets in your work environment – they are happiest when they are with you.

Show Your Caring Side

Creating a comfortable space where pets spend time is a necessary step in building a productive and pleasant work environment. A short walk during a break, playtime, and treats not only connect employees and their pets but also provide relaxation and distraction from everyday business challenges. Play and care go hand in hand, and it’s up to us to take care of ourselves by taking care of our pets.

Establish Clear Rules

Successfully implementing a pet program in the workplace is achieved through carefully thought-out rules and agreed-upon regulations, which contribute to the well-being of both employees and pets. Taking care of the hygiene, health, and behaviour of pets promotes a happier atmosphere in the workplace and creates healthy foundations for productive and carefree shared time and space in the work environment.

Communicate Changes

Internal communication of the pet-friendly workspace program, from planning to implementation, should include all employees. This involves sharing logistical information and fun practices that will motivate employees. By strengthening the pet-friendly culture internally, an external communication plan is developed to promote the project outside the company.

“Mars is committed to creating a pet-friendly culture. Pets enrich our lives, and we are responsible for adapting spaces to them. Pets in the workplace bring many benefits to companies and employees. Through these guidelines, we want to help other organizations set high standards for pet-friendly workspaces,” said Vanja Vagić, Corporate Affairs Manager.

Mars continues to support the pet-friendly culture by creating spaces that meet the needs of pets and their owners, allowing employees to enjoy a harmonious life with their pets.

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