Old ads new mission: Mars fighting climate change

Mars Company brings to life iconic advertisements from beloved brands to engage and inspire the public about climate action. The campaign on digital platforms, billboards, television, and other communication channels, is innovative because it reuses favourite ads, giving them a second life with new messages of hope, optimism and progress related to climate action.

The campaign named “Healthy planet productions”, follows recently published  Net zero roadmap, aimed at acceleration of actions to reach net zero emissions by 2050, including new target approved by Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)  to cut greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2030 in full value chain.

Predrag Milinčić, General Manager Mars Balkan, said that consumers want to connect with brands around key challenges: “Consumers understand how urgently we need to address climate change, but often don’t understand what companies are doing to make real change. That’s why we decided to use our iconic brands in ads that consumers know and love to deliver a message of hope and optimism around climate change. Now we’re taking action to reduce carbon emissions – from working with farmers to protect forests to using renewable electricity. We want consumers to know we’re working to make real influence.”

Barry Parkin, Mars Chief Sustainability and Procurement Officer, said: “When we launched our Net Zero Roadmap in September, we spoke about the real influence and need to inspire and include everyone in the challenge. With this campaign, Mars leverages the efforts we’re making across the entire value chain to reduce carbon emissions and makes it easier for consumers to engage and feel good about the products and brands they know and love.”

Reused ads campaign reduced emissions during production by eliminating the need for travel, filming and set production through content repurposing. Also, residual emissions are reduced through carbon avoidance in decision-making and creative solutions, including abandoning high-carbon animation techniques in favour of more sustainable methods. Mars has also partnered with organizations and businesses dedicated to sustainability that have industry certificates, such as Certified Green Energy Offices and Studios.

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