Nearly half of IKEA products in Southeast Europe soon available at lower prices

Investment in prices accompanies investment in employee salaries to ensure long-term growth and provide comprehensive support to people.

IKEA has always been dedicated to supporting people who want to create their perfect home, regardless of the budget they have. In Southeast Europe, IKEA will significantly invest in lowering prices, which is currently one of their business priorities.

Following the significant initial steps taken during the previous fiscal year, IKEA SEE continues to invest in more affordable prices. During fiscal year 2024*, IKEA SEE will invest a total of 47 million euros in reducing the prices of its products. This investment will cover all parts of the IKEA range, with prices permanently reduced for more than 46% of all products.

IKEA SEE is lowering prices of certain most sought-after products across all operational markets in the region (Romania, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia). Popular product families such as BESTÅ, KALLAX, MALM, FRIHETEN, PAX, and POÄNG already have lower prices, and in the coming months, many other products will have reduced prices, with a particular focus on storage solutions.

IKEA Serbia, within fiscal year 2024, will reduce prices for over 4700 products with an average price reduction of 10.4%. Prices of products already in the most affordable category will be permanently reduced by up to 30% compared to last year, while prices of beloved product families such as BESTÅ and PAX have already been reduced by 15%.

“Thanks to positive changes in the global market and the excellent results we achieved last year, we have decided to continue our investments in affordability. Our business decision is that when opportunities for savings arise, it does not mean profit for us, but lower prices for the customer. Therefore, we are preparing another wave of long-term price reductions to help people realize the full potential of their homes. We always strive to support our customers, and we know that for many people, especially considering the current rise in living costs, this is now more important than ever. We continue to make efforts to make our products even more affordable, without compromising on quality, appearance, functionality, and sustainability, and we believe this is also how we as a company will continue to develop and grow,” said Ekaterina Egorova, Regional Director and Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA SEE.

At IKEA, support for many people always starts with employees. Last year, in the Southeast Europe region, IKEA employees’ salaries were increased several times, resulting in an average increase of 15% for IKEA Serbia employees. This trend has continued in this fiscal year, with employee salaries being increased again in January, this time by an average of almost 6%. The company also invested 6.3 million euros for bonus payments in the region and will invest an additional 1.1 million euros gross for contributions to the private pension fund Tack! this March.

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