„Guča” fans are socially responsible

56. Dragačevo Trumpet Festival in Guča was marked by social responsibility.

In addition to numerous concerts and fun activations, this year Apatinska Brewery continued educational campaigns.

With aim of raising social responsibility awareness, but also wishing to educate visitors of the Festival, Apatinska Brewery team organized numerous activities as part of campaigns “You should recycle too” and “Don’t drink and drive” and activity “A bottle cap for handicap”

The visitors could have fun and be socially responsible at the same time – activations as part of traditional campaign of Apatinska Brewery “You should recycle too” which started in 2008, attracted a lot of attention. This year, Apatinska Brewery team prepared “recycling bowling” where cans as ninepins were knocked down by a recycled can, as well as “recycle triathlon” which included driving a “recycle” and pressing cans, “shooting” a basket made of pressed cans and collecting cans and running to put them in the trash bin.

The activity “A bottle cap for handicap” motivated willing people to collect and recycle plastic caps in order to collect money from recycling for buying orthopaedic devices for people with disabilities in Serbia. During the Festival, visitors could take pictures with fashion accessories made of caps, which were particularly designed for this occasion; and a special piece was made in cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Arts– a wheelchair made of plastic caps which represents a symbolic invitation to take part in the activity.

The last day of the event was marked by activities related to the long-term and already well-known campaign “Don’t drink and drive”, which aims to raise public awareness about responsible alcohol consumption – Visitors tested their abilities by trying to unlock the lock and walk in a straight line while wearing “drunk goggles”.

Activations that entertained visitors in Guča

Giant Deer (Jelen)
An impressive construction of a Deer (Jelen) eight meters high and four meters wide, was a great attraction for visitors

Visitors of Guča Festival tried to score a goal wearing an unusual and over dimensioned combination of soccer cleats and opanak

A large number of people were attracted to Jelen Limbo where each participant went under hanging cans trying not to touch them with deer horns on his/her head.

Jelen Pong
The team that has shown the greatest skill in the well-known “Beer Pong”

A traditionally good duo – Jelen beer and Guča

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