Afforestation and Greening of Zrenjanin

For a greener Zrenjanin

More than a thousand seedlings of trees and other greenery will be planted in Zrenjanin thanks to UG Fondation and City of Zrenjanin who launched a campaign of afforestation and greening of future golf courses.


“As one of UG Foundation’s priorities, we are continuing the campaign of afforestation and greening. We would especially like to thank the City of Zrenjanin for their cooperation, which will result in turning this location into a real green oasis and a pleasure spot for the citizens of Zrenjanin and all its visitors. Golf is a sport that gives much attention to preserving the environment, and building of the golf course will give the citizens of Zrenjanin one more “oxygen factory”, which will greatly contribute to the improved quality of the environment”, said Jovana Lukić, Director of UG Foundation, which allocated 400 thousand dinars to this project.


On this occasion, Čedomir Janjić, the Mayor of Zrenjanin, stressed that this is one of the important infrastructure projects: “In addition to already existing sports facilities, Zrenjanin’s ambition is to create new ones and improve the athletic and tourist offering of the city. Our goal is to be one of the large sports centres in Serbia, which will be visited by athletes, both professional and recreational.”


Participating in the afforestation campaign were the representatives of the Golf Association of Serbia: “I would first like to thank the Director of the UG Foundation for their important donation to the greening campaign. Our goal is to popularise the sport of golf and to give to Zrenjanin and its surroundings a training centre which will have the capacity and quality to welcome not only people from Zrenjanin, but golfers from neighbouring countries and the region. The next stage is to build a club house and training facilities, so that the children who are actively training can apply their knowledge and skills in the gym and out on the course”, said Irena Suturović Bogdanović, Secretary General of the Golf Association of Serbia.


In addition to the afforestation and greening campaign, the UG Foundation continues its other environmental activities, one of which is the support to the cleaning of Serbia project with the aim of raising awareness of the citizens on the importance of preserving the environment in which we live.

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