A1 Srbija opened the first Cybersecurity Escape Room in Serbia

To educate the general public and emphasise the importance of personal responsibility in protection against cyber attacks, A1 Srbija opened the first escape room focussing on the topic of cyber security “Lost IDentity”. The escape room is open to visitors from November 30 to March 31, 2024, on the second floor of Rajićeva shopping centre. This experience is free of charge for all visitors with a prior appointment.

In Serbia alone, 60% of Internet users have been exposed to a virus or malicious software at least once, and 25% do not know if such a thing has happened. More than 80% of cyber attacks involve the human factor. Whether through stolen passwords, phishing, or an unintentional and careless mistake, humans play a big role in cyber attacks.

An Escape Room is an interactive experience, usually a room or area, in which a group of people work together to solve a series of puzzles and tasks that will lead them to the final solution or key to exit the room. “Lost IDentity” takes participants through a scenario that simulates various cyber challenges that we face almost every day, often without even realizing it. This is the first project dedicated to Internet safety, which interactively encourages responsible behaviour and the development of personal responsibility for protecting ourselves in the digital world.

“Escape room is a unique combination of entertainment and education through which we want to highlight the importance of cyber security and personal responsibility that each of us has in protecting personal data. As a company that is simultaneously an Internet and digital solutions provider, we want to provide our private and business users with a fully covered and safe space in the virtual world. In addition to the continuous development of advanced security solutions, it is necessary to work on education actively, and the concept we have set up is truly unique and innovative – said Goran Stojadinović, Director Of Business Sales And ICT Solutions at A1 Srbija.

To create the best possible individual experience, A1 Srbija, together with the expert team, created an unforgettable educational game in which participants solve puzzles, enigmatic puzzles, codes and situations in a simulated virtual environment as a team, and the goal is to discover the secret behind the loss of digital identity of the main hero. The game lasts 50 minutes, and two to five people can participate. Visiting this Escape Room is free, and you can book your appointment through the website https://a1.rs/A1-escape-room.

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