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23 Sep 2021

National Centre for Serbian Sign Language Interpreting opens

24 hours, 7 days a week, for 70,000 users Belgrade, 23 September 2021 – The National Centre for Serbian Sign Language Interpreting with video relay service was ceremoniously opened today, as the first of its kind in Serbia, available 24 hours, 7 days a week, for all users in Serbia, and those passing through the […]

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25 Aug 2021
Komercijalna banka

Komercijalna banka’s business results for the first half of 2021

High capital adequacy and growth in all key business segments Belgrade, August 25th, 2021 – High capital adequacy and progress in all key business segments – assets growth of EUR 180 million, or 5%, increase in lending activity of EUR 55 million, which is almost 3.5%, as well as the growth of deposits of more […]

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11 May 2021

AmCham CEO briefing: Macroeconomic and business trends

The Serbian economy is recovering at a rapid pace, thanks to the global rebound and fiscal and monetary policy incentives. Q1 2021 output figures suggest a more successful year and growth projections are favourable. AmCham members are noticeably more optimistic in their 2021 forecasts due to the global rebound and local fiscal and monetary incentives. […]

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01 Mar 2021

The Mighty 8 Communication Trends For 2021

Maja Stojanović, Executive Director, Olaf&McAteer 1. Brand accountability Brands are expected to speak up and show transparency as the number of consumers that “woke up“ is still growing. Transparency is expected and demanded in all industries. The figures show that responsible Brands grow 2x faster. In the COVID-19 context Brands need to rethink their behavior, and […]

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10 Feb 2021

Economic growth with environmental protection

How has Japan reconciled economic development with environmental concerns? What should Serbia do on the path of the greener development model? What does the EU Green Deal mean for the EU and the region?  Belgrade, February 10, 2021 – Presenting a European Green Deal the EU set its goal of making its economy sustainable by […]

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04 Dec 2020

The Group „Journalists against the violence” received the Women’s Courage Award

On the occasion of the global campaign “16 Days of Activism”, Avon Company awarded the Women’s Courage Award as part of the End Violence against women campaign and presented it to the Group Journalists against Violence, with the aim to support brave women and recognize their efforts in the fight against gender-based violence. The award […]

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18 Nov 2020

Possible directions of the adequate response of the health sector to the challenges of the COVID-19 epidemic in the period 2020-2021

Report recommends more testing, robust epidemiological surveillance, telemedicine, public-private synergies, comprehensive preparations to distribute and administer vaccines from a variety of manufacturers, outreach, and consistent communication with the general public. A study was undertaken by the Economics Institute of Belgrade and the Epidemiology Institute at the Belgrade Faculty of Medicine, with the support from the […]

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29 Sep 2020

Heart failure – a cardiovascular disease with the worst prognosis

World Heart Day marked with a large 3D animation of the anatomical heart on the building of the Old Palace Healthy lifestyle, early diagnosis and adequate treatment are key to keeping your heart healthy. “Although 60 million people worldwide suffer from heart failure, this disease is recognized at an early stage in only 3% of […]

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19 May 2020

Donation of Mars Incorporated to the Red Cross of Serbia

A delicious way to say thank you to health workers and volunteers Belgrade, May 19th, 2020 – Mars Incorporated, which stands behind some of the world’s most popular brands, donated 27.000 products, Mars, Snickers and M&M’s chocolate bars, to the Red Cross of Serbia. The donation worth more than 1.5 million dinars, will be delivered […]

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